Port Phillip Drive School

Driving Lessons Blackrock

We offer driving lessons in many suburbs of Melbourne including Blackrock. You will find it easier and more convenient to take driving instruction in your home suburb as it saves time and you feel more comfortable in an area with which you are familiar.

Our instructor is one of the most advanced and dedicated teachers you’ll find as he was a serving member of the Victorian Police force where he was an instructor in the Victoria Police Advanced Driving School, whilst also being a mentor to 100’s of young police drivers. Don’t run the risk of learning from someone who is not qualified!

Our instructor is happy to pick you up or drop you off at your preferred destination as we understand how hard it is to get anywhere when you don’t drive. Soon you won’t have to worry about that anymore; driving lessons can change your life for the better whether you are a school student or an older person. Once you get that drivers licence you will be able to come and go when and where you please. However, getting proper instruction from qualified teachers is always the best way forward, so contact us today for a lesson.

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