Port Phillip Drive School

Driving Lessons in St Kilda

If you are searching for the best driving school in St Kilda you have just succeeded. Port Phillip Drive School offers top quality driving lessons for teens or older people who have never learned to drive. You may not realise what a difference this skill can make to your life. Learning to drive can open up your life to a whole lot of wonderful advantages. You can take a class, go shopping, visit friends or get a job, all without worrying about how to get there – or how to get home again.

Our Driving School

Our certified instructors will give you the kind of training you need to get your driver’s license. Professional lessons are preferable to relying on family or friends with bad driving habits to teach you. Learning to drive correctly will keep you safer once you are alone behind the wheel of your car. We offer a full hour for free, when you follow the instructions on our website. This can give you a lot more confidence and assure you that the cost is well worthwhile. Not only do we offer driving lessons when and where you want them, you will find that we go the extra mile to ensure you can take your driving test with success.

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Driving is an important skill that many people enjoy, but there can be nasty repercussions if you don’t get the right training. You would not depend on a friend to teach you how to paraglide, but would seek out a professional teacher. You should do the same when you’re learning to drive. Contact our school for professional driver training. We provide quality services throughout St Kilda, Brighton and the Melbourne metropolitan area. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 123 DRIVE. 

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