Port Phillip Drive School

Get Free Keys2Drive Lesson

Every teenager wants to learn to drive and become independent, being able to go out where and when they please without waiting on someone to take them. Taking our keys2drive lesson will help you to not only assess your own driving skills but help you to become a better driver. This special way of learning to drive makes you aware of your mental processes and helps you to self assess when driving. It will make you a safer driver once you earn your Ps and go into the high risk category of drivers.

We offer the keys2drive lessons that teach you how to think for yourself while driving instead of relying on your driving instructor to tell you what to do. You will learn to recognise the times when you might be inclined to act to a situation on impulse instead of doing what is the safest thing. You learn to act instead of react. Once you learn how to do this you become a much safer and more skilful driver.

When you book this lesson with us we will give you another 15 minutes lesson for free so you will have a full hour of lesson the first time. While learner drivers are the safest class of drivers, the minute they get their Ps they become the most likely to get injured drivers. That is because they are not taught to think for themselves during their driving lessons. Take the keys2drive lesson from us and stay safer. Call us today.

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