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I am writing to you in regards to your Driving Instructor, Val Previsic. I have been a student of Val's since April 2009 and have taken multiple lessons with him. Throughout this time, I have been extremely impressed with Val's teaching.
As an adult learner and recent migrant to Australia, Val has always been extremely patient and kind towards me. His teaching style and approach has given me great confidence in my driving ability, on and off the road.
In preparation for my upcoming test, Val has reinforced and polished my previous driving skills, while also giving me the tools to drive safely beyond my learning status.
It is my recommendation that Val should receive recognition and praise for his exemplary efforts as a Driving Instructor as a result of his excellent teaching skills and professionalism. It should also be noted that I have had several conversations with another student of Val's, who also shares my opinions.
Ingrid  8.11. 2009

Dear Val,
Thank you once again for all your help - it goes without saying I couldn't have done it without you, but you really have made my life here in Melbourne so much easier now - no more balancing the food shopping on the back of my bicycle!
Thank you for your clairvoyance as to route this morning, quite remarkable! I hope you get a chance to celebrate your wife's birthday today and wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas.


I apologise for contacting you like this out of the blue but I wanted to let you know how good one of your driving instructors, Val Previsic has been. I have just returned from sitting my second driving test at Vic Roads in Carlton and was successful.  All of the credit for this goes to Val.
On my first attempt in October, in a manual vehicle, the test was halted after the first stage on the basis of the number of critical errors I had already accumulated.  After this I turned to Val to have further lessons to try for an automatic licence.  Whilst learning to drive in an automatic car rather than a manual is, of course, more straightforward, it immediately became apparent that the quality of instruction I was receiving from him surpassed that which I had received from my previous two instructors. Val's teaching style is calm, unambiguous and comprehensive.
By way of specific example, his attention to detail preparing me for the test was immaculate - he was the first instructor to provide me with a copy of the Vic Roads guide 'What you need to know about your Drive Test' and the first to explain in detailed how critical errors can needlessly be accumulated - for example by fractionally edging the wheels of the car over the stop line at traffic lights. He gave me simple rules of thumb to use when driving and parking to help encourage the correct technique and ensure that maneuvers become more and more automatic.  The driving and tasks that we did this morning during the lesson prior to my test kept me calm (or as calm as I could be in the circumstances) but ensured that I could not have been better prepared to follow the tester's instructions.
In addition, Val hasn't simply focused on ensuring I was prepped for passing the test in the Carlton area - he was always emphasizing how to drive in any conditions and anywhere in order to help me be a safe and effective driver going forward, in many ways more important than just getting me over the hurdle of the test.
Emma Finn

Dear Miss McMeekin,
I refer to your feedback received 11 December 2009 regarding your recent experience with one of the ____ Drive School instructors. Please be assured that your comments will be passed onto the appropriate manager and that we appreciate you taking the time to advise us of your positive experience with the ____ Drive School.
Eve Marsden
RACV Motoring Member Relations

Val has, over the last couple of months, provided instruction to my daughter, Alexandria, which culminated in her successfully passing her driving test earlier today. Alexandria has had a number of instructors and has been extremely happy with Val in the lead up to her test today. He has provided clear instruction and prepared her for her test in a manner that is a credit to him. Additionally he has kept all appointments, which regretfully was not always the case with some other instructors. Alex reports that Val has at all times being extremely courteous and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in the future.
Allen Dickinson

I am writing this message due to the excellence of one of your driving instructors. Two years ago I dreaded hopping into a car and driving. I remember my first lesson with the first instructor I had. He gave me little feedback and I was petrified, however then months later my mother found a new instructor. His name was Valentine Previsic and I had been having lessons with him up until recently when I passed my licence with his assistance. Not only was he a great teacher but he made me feel comfortable driving and I never felt anxious like I did with the previous instructor. Moreover, Val is an interesting person so whenever I had a lesson I looked forward to it. Not to mention his capability of control the car from the passenger seat if his assistance was needed. Val is a great guy and I hope all your fellow employees maintain the same level of compassion Val has for his job.
Tom Hays

I would like to express my opinion and experience with ____ driving school under Mr. Valentine Previsic supervision.  I failed three times and changed four instructors and unfortunately I had very bad experience and very expensive exercise; however I made the best decision to call ____ and lucky enough to find one of the best instructor in Melbourne. Val not only is a very patient instructor but also the way he demonstrates (like he gets out of the car and explains everything step by step) is fantastic. I proudly passed my driving test without even one mistake I do appreciate Val’s effort very much.
I think ____ should proud to have such an excellent instructor.  Thanks again
Shirin Noori

I am writing to you as I passed my Victorian driving practical test yesterday morning and want to convey my view on Valentine as a driving instructor.
I had a fair few classes with Val and in my opinion he was a great instructor. In order to prepare myself for the practical drive test, I was taken through different possible test routes and was explained in detail the different situations that could occur and in fact how to overcome different type of problems. Val's instructions helped me to demonstrate that I was able to drive safely and efficiently.
Val as an instructor was very patient. He took the time and put in a lot of effort so that I will be able to display perfection on the test date. In addition, I felt that he was well versed in his job as he was able to answer numerous amounts of questions put forward. He was not only able to answer all of my questions but further provided explanations about the requirements needed to be met on the day of the drive test in order to be successful.
What I appreciated the most was unlike other instructors, Val took every opportunity to describe safe driving in every day driving situations. Val is a perfectionist and in the end it paid off. I was able to pass my drive test on my first attempt and to be honest because of Val’s instructions I am now a safer driver. For that I am ever so grateful.
Tanya Rajendra 7/5/2010

My name is Tanya and last week I sat (and passed) my Driving Test after many years of procrastination and fear.  I was lucky to have had the guidance and skill of Val Previsic and wanted to give you some feedback regarding his teaching.  I requested your contact details from Val at my last lesson.
Val did more than teach me to drive - he was a source of motivation and confidence.  I found him to be both professional and friendly - his lessons were thorough, safe and informative.  Most importantly, it was his friendly nature and encouragement which allowed me to overcome my fear of driving (and finally receive my licence at the age of 35).  I will certainly recommend Val to anyone looking for an instructor in the future.
Tanya Burne

I'm writing to inform you about the outstanding experience I had with oneof your driving instructors, Valentine Previsic. I contacted the ____ Driving School around 8 weeks ago to enquire about driving lessons in my area (Caulfield North). Previously, I was tutored by Melbourne Driving School for approximately 7 months last year. While I enjoyed this experience, I unfortunately failed my first practical test due to speed error in the latter stages. Disappointed, I sought out a new start with a new instructor and school, keen to improve and eventually pass my practical test. The catalyst behind choosing ____ over other schools was the well-known brand and trust associated with it. When I called, I was informed by the office that there was no guarantee an instructor would be available in my area. Just as I began to consider other schools (as my new test was already booked) Val called me and we begun lessons. Val's style of teaching is very different to what I was used to - he is straight down the line and highly efficient. When you're in the car with him, you're not going to get away with much! He uses acronyms to help students remember processes (such as the system of car control - MIB - mirror, indicate, blind spot check), and I found these really useful. He has an amazing wealth of experience, and is concerned with making his students safe drivers beyond the realms of the test. I feel like all his advice not only helped me successfully pass the test, but also made me a safer driver in my day-to-day life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Val to fellow young drivers - he is a fantastic instructor who has helped me achieve a goal I'd been long
aspiring to.
Shelley James

Val, you were fabulous thank you so much for all your help.
My name is Charlie Gibson and I have been a student of Val’s up until today as I passed my Driving test. May I say what a fabulous and thorough teacher he is. He was extremely nice and made sure that I was 100% prepared for my test today. He is a very hard worker and you are very lucky to have him working for you. I will be making sure that I recommend him to many of my friends and sisters friends in the future to use him as their instructor. I am a very happy girl today and Val is the one to thank for that.
Miss. Charlie Gibson

I would like to express my sincere appreciation of my driving instructor, Valentine Previsic.

During the course of my driving lessons, Valentine imparted a great amount of his experience and expert knowledge to me in such a short period of time. His patience, helpful advice and thorough assessment of my skills gave me the greatest possibility of improving in all aspects of driving, and ultimately gave me the best chance at successfully completing my probationary driver test at the first attempt.
In addition, I would like to say that his persistence to constantly test me in almost every type of road situation gave me the confidence in my driving ability and will continue to do so for many years to come.
I highly recommend Valentine to other learning drivers in order to obtain solid driving skills.
Daniel Maydelman

Great work by your instructor Val!! He was fantastic, I leaned so much and all the effort did pay off!

The safe driving tips helped me succeed through my test, which I was very hesitant for on the day but it all worked out great as Val was there to encourage me in a positive manner that I would be fine.
I intend to recommend Val to a number of my friends as he was an excellent instructor.
Minka Dickson 24/8/2010

I recently had a number of driving lessons with Valentine Previsic, and was extremely pleased with his professionalism and approach to teaching me.
I went for my test last week, and passed with NO critical errors!
Just a thank you from my side to Val - he was fantastic and I will recommend him to my friends learning to drive.
Priyanka Natarajan
Operations Manager, Quest Kew Serviced Apartments

I have recently had a number of driving lessons and a driving test with instructor Valentine Previsic. I am writing to say how great he is as an instructor. He is knowledgeable and never was in doubt about any rules or regulations that I put to him. Val is such a good instructor that on the day of the test he basically took me the exact route that the tester took me. I was quite amazed and it was great to have driven the same course only half an hour before, a great confidence booster.

Val always seemed to be in a great mood and was often telling jokes or humorous stories which I thought was really good because it made me feel more comfortable. He did a great job of preparing me for the test which I did pass and then afterwards showed me an amazing spot for lunch!
I have two younger brothers and they would also benefit hugely in having Val as an instructor as I'm sure anybody would. You should be extremely pleased that you have Val as one of the driving instructors.
Ben Todhunter

My name is Jacqui. I recently got my driving license and certainly all thanks to one of your driving instructors at racv, Valentine Previsic. I just felt the least I could do is bring your attention how helpful and patient he was with me, I had numerous lessons with him and he defenently was a great communicator and teacher compared to some other instructors I had! Thanks Val!!!
Jacqui Cooper.14/9/2010

After successfully completing the Vic Roads driving test on the 24th September, I would like to offer some feedback regarding my instructor, Valentine Previsic.

As of the date of this email, I have known Val for several months.  Throughout this period, I have constantly enjoyed working under his tuition.  He is well-informed about all road rules, regulations, and driving techniques.  In each lesson, Val has the ability to communicate complex information and instructions both easily and patiently.  He also provides valuable feedback in all areas of driving.  Notably, he offers his students the chance to analyse errors in their driving, and will explain things time and time again, if they do not understand where they went wrong.  It is this patience which made lessons with Val so enjoyable.
Val has always been well-attired and his vehicle both clean and in excellent condition.  He is easily contactable via mobile, and in case of difficulties prior to a lesson or booking, will inform his students when he has been delayed.
It has been a pleasure working with Val over my period of tuition, and as a result, ____ is to be congratulated on the quality of its instructors.
Hugh McMaster

I write regarding the experience I had this week with one of your driving instructors, Valentine Previsic, and to express my debt of gratitude. I got in touch with Val at very late notice, on Friday 1st October. I explained that I had my probationary license test on Thursday 7th October, and wanted to book several lessons on my test day and on Wednesday, the day immediately beforehand. This was my third attempt at my license. I had serious problems in both my unsuccessful attempts with anxiety impairing my driving.
Val was very accommodating and I booked triple lessons on both days, as well as his presence in my test. In the lessons, he was absolutely professional but also approachable. He put me at ease and was intensely focused on ensuring I was comfortable and familiar with the area of my test (Oakleigh South) and every aspect of driving safely. I have had lessons in the past but that was over a year ago and I do not recall that experience being as reassuring as was my experience with Val. Since then my parents had been acting as my driving supervisors and while they are proficient drivers, there is so much that they would not have known to teach me, the technicalities of the road and minor but crucial skills which are essential in the closely monitored environment of the test.
Having had a solid four or five hours of lessons with Val prior to my test, I went into it feeling far more relaxed than I had previously (though still extremely nervous). In the first part of the test while driving around in smaller, quieter streets, I went through a permanent 40km/hr zone next to a school and briefly went over the speed limit. My tester asked me to pull over and informed me I had not passed and would have to return to Vic Roads, as there is no leeway for exceeding the speed limit even momentarily in school zones during the test. I was out of the car preparing to relinquish the driving to Val when he questioned the tester’s decision. He stated his understanding that as this was a permanent 40km/hr zone and not a temporary school zone, where the ‘no leeway rule’ did not apply and instead the 5 second buffer for being over the limit was in operation. The tester (who was a very reasonable and non-adversarial woman) deferred to Val’s knowledge and allowed me to complete the remainder of the test, which I successfully passed.
Without Val’s intervention at that moment I would certainly have failed, being ignorant myself of the minutiae of the rules. He demonstrated his extensive knowledge and experience of road rules and test protocols. I am extremely grateful to his assistance and wanted to express this directly to you myself. He is an excellent and capable instructor who helped me to push through my nerves and whose intervention at the critical moment enabled me to successfully pass my license test.
Veronica Sullivan 9/10/10


Hi Val,
Thanks once again for all your help, I leave for Italy on Wednesday, finally! My sister will probably get in touch with you soon, for some driving lessons of her own.

I recently had the pleasure of having driving lessons with the instructor Valentine Previsic.
I wanted to write to you to let you know that I found Valentine a great instructor, very professional and a wonderful teacher.
I had a deadline to get my license, and Val was able to help me work towards that, showing me exactly what I needed to know in a simple and straightforward manner.
I felt perfectly prepared for my test, and I really want to thank Val for making learning to drive such an enjoyable experience! I will be recommending Val and to all my friends and family who are starting to learn to drive.
Thanks once again,

Courtney Reeve

Hi Val,
You accompanied me to my driving test at the Oakleigh testing centre recently and I would like to thank you for your great help.
I had done the test twice before at this stage and wasn't overly confident and pretty nerves. I had two double lessons with you and a single one I believe before we did the test together and thanks to your help I felt confident and calm during the test. I remembered all the great advice you gave me driving along during the test and it made me calm.
So I would like to thank you for helping me with getting my license!! If I know anybody that needs driving lessons I will certainly recommend you.
Celine van Galen 4/11/10

I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding efforts of your driving instructor Val.  I have been working in the retail and service industry for many years and was amazed at how Val was so professional and had an attention to detail. He was able to be flexible with time and work around my work times. If he was delayed he always notified me and I never had a disappointing session with him. I have had six driving instructors before him, and had given up on all of them due to lack of communication skills, bad temper, impatience and not being organised. Val gave me the confidence to drive and taught me well in a respectful manner! I passed on my first go and I have recommended him to all my friends and family who are learning to drive. Thanks again for your time Val.
Omar Aridi  

Recently I had the pleasure of completing my p-plate test with one of your instructors Valentine Previsic. I would just like to say that my family and I personally were more than impressed with the fantastic service that he provided me with throughout the duration of my learning. Valentine's knowledge and experience far exceeded our greatest expectations. His knowledge is second to none, and he managed to convey this knowledge to me in a friendly and appropriate manner. I have just finished my secondary school education and I can safely tell you that Valentine's ability to teach was inline and if not better than many of the professional school teachers I have had over the duration of my private school education.
His teaching methods have helped me to become a more confident and safer driver.
I cannot recommend him highly enough to my friends and even more so now that I have passed my test on my number one attempt.
My sister has just begun learning with Val and I have several other friends that are lining up to also.
I cannot imagine a better person to show me the ropes of driving than Val.
Jake Foster 9/12/2010

I would like to bring to your attention one of your instructors, Valentine Previsic. He has been my instructor for a couple of months  and I would just like to say a big thank you for providing such a  great instructor, he has been the best instructor that I have had. A  little bit of my background. I have been trying to get my license since  I was 24 years old and I’m now 29 years old. I have had 3 different instructors and have failed 3 tests and was beginning to lose hope.  I had a lesson with my previous instructor and he was  absolutely terrible. I even got a fine because during a lesson he asked me to do a right turn at a intersection when there was a flashing no right turn sign and sure enough the police was right around the corner. He was on his phone all the time making bookings. I was lucky to get Valentine Previsic to be my instructor and from the very first lesson I learnt things that I have never learnt before in all three  
instructors that I have had in the past. His lessons were always full of great information on how to drive safely and I was very impressed.  I was also very impressed that he is extremely hard working as he was willing to offer me lessons whenever he can fit me in, no matter the  time. So I am very excited to say that I have finally got my licence today.   
Extremely happy with him and will recommend him to everybody.
Linda Nishimura 11/12/2010

Thanks again for all your help Val.
I’ll give you a call when my other daughter is ready to go!
Have a great Christmas.

I would like to acknowledge the performance of Driving Instructor, Valentine Previsic.
My daughter Eliza successfully passed her driving test today and Val can take a significant amount of credit for this.

He was a most professional instructor, provided meaningful advice in a friendly way and taught her the necessary and critical skills to became a very good/safe driver. Val was extremely thorough and I couldn’t recommend him any higher.
All the very best for the festive season.
Adam Wallish
Chief Executive

I am 34 years old and had previously been turned off learning to drive many years ago after a bad experience with an impatient instructor.
When I decided to give driving another go four months ago I cheekily requested on the phone “your best” who would be “firm but understanding”.
Whether it was by chance or by design, I got it.
Valentine Previsic’s manner was always calm, relaxed, easy going and full of encouragement and patience which was perfect for a nervous new driver like me.
Val had me driving on the highways, executing mergers and driving over the Westgate Bridge all in the name of becoming a good driver, not just passing the test.
And after passing my test first go, I now realise Val had made sure I was well prepared for the test.  
At 34 years of age, I’m sure even one bad experience would be enough to prolong getting my licence even further. But every lesson with Val was worthwhile. He was flexible and accommodating with lesson times. His company was consistently pleasant and his advice helpful. I’d just like to say Thank-you to Val and the drive school.
As with anyone getting their licence – it has changed my life.
I have already passed Val’s name and number to any driving “tough case” I have met in the last few months, including couple of friends who have their license but would like some more experience dealing with highway mergers.
Jessica Harold.
Elsternwick. 22/12/2010

I am writing to provide feedback regarding one of your driving instructors Mr. Valentine Previsic. I have recently completed driving lessons and passed my driving test under his  expert instruction. I would like to commend his passion and commitment to creating safe drivers. His encouraging technique and obvious driving expertise makes for calm and competent students.
I hope that his commitment will be rewarded.
Lauren Le Fevre 29/12/2010

I'm Emma Hoy and I was fortunate enough to have Valentine Previsic as my driving instructor over the last few weeks. I am just e-mailing to comment on how excellent his instructing skills are and how he has made me feel more confident with my driving skills and abilities but most importantly, he has made me a safer driver. I had the dreaded location of Carlton to sit my practical drive test at and was certainly nervous and worried about sitting it there until my friend recommended Val to me and I was fortunate to be in the hands of such a hard working and enthusiastic man. Val has an exceptional knowledge of the road rules and knows the areas of Vic Roads testing down to the finest of detail. It was a big ask to have him prepare me only within a matter of weeks for an area I had scarcely driven in but due to his dedication to each of his students, he was prepared to squeeze in late night times, extra lessons (on the same day) and longer time frames to practice in. The little tricks Val has up his sleeve for safe driving also made the driving less of a chore, and more enjoyable. I will certainly recommend Val to anyone I know who is learning to drive and I hope those lucky students also realise how fortunate they are to have such a highly trained and motivational instructor.

Emma Hoy 4/1/2011

My name is Mark Fulton. I am a successful former student of Valentine Previsic.   
 I would also like thank you for the driving instructor allocated to me Valentine Previsic. Mr. Previsic turned me into a successful and safe driver in a short space of time. His professionalism, guidance and manner are a testament to the ____ and its driving school program. Mr. Previsic showed great patience and know how when instructing myself, giving me useful and valuable tips for road awareness and safety in all conditions. I would like to extend my personal thanks to him through you, for building confidence in myself and leaving me with knowledge I can use for life.    
Thank you.
Mark Fulton 7/1/2011

I have been a student of Valentine Previsic for the past 2 months and today I passed my driving lesson without a single critical error!
This email is a short note to show my gratitude to Val for his excellent teaching skills. Val has taught me to be a safe and cautious driver and I am very thankful for that.
Ellie Dee
Bid Manager I Bid Management I Business Operations
SAP Australia and New Zealand I Level 2 441 St Kilda Road I Melbourne VIC 3004 I Australia

My name is Stephanie Ives and I’m just writing a quick email to say how impressed I was with the drive school lessons I recently undertook. My driving instructor was Valentine Previsic who was fantastic at getting me ready for my license test. Everything was up to date and straightforward, with Val being on the ball and being able to answer all my questions with ease. It was great as he had a vast knowledge of all the road rules and little things the driving testers pull you up for. Before the lessons I’d just been driving with my parents and was amazed at how much more I learned and how better I became at driving from just the few weeks I had with Val. I'd go out driving with my parents afterwards and I’d make a silly mistake, but they wouldn't pull me up for it. That’s when I realised how valuable the lessons with Val were as he was constantly watching everything I did, making suggestions and letting me know where I went wrong. I certainly don't think I would have passed the test without him. Luckily having such a good teacher I was able to really work on my skills and as a result felt really prepared when I went for the test. I'm pleased to say that I passed on my first go which I’m ecstatic about. A friend recommended Val to me and I can now see why. The overall service and expertise of this instructor is top of the line, keep up the good work.
Steph Ives 14/1/2011

Valentine Previsic helped me to develop from an insecure and potentially dangerous driver into a safe and successful driver. His experience allowed me to let go of my fear of being perceived as a poor driver and I learned quickly with his straight forward methods.He was available to help me earlier in the morning and later at night, the other instructors were not willing to do that, even making himself available for my test at short notice. Now I feel confident behind the wheel with my P’s in my pocket, and I credit Val for all of my success. I would
recommend him as a driving instructor to anyone, no matter what their skill level.
Morgan Koegel


Val was the best driving instructor I could have possibly hoped for! I had previously tried other instructors but none were as helpful and kind as Val. I know I wouldn’t currently have my licence had it not been for Val’s lessons. He made me a safer driver and I now feel much more comfortable driving by myself on my P’s! Thanks so much Val!
Thanks again for all your help,
Eliza Jackson  2/10/2012

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